Some call it ADD, I consider it diversification.  Here you'll find information about companies or projects I'm involved in.  Take a gander, and let me know if you'd like an introduction to any of them!



Looking for a speaker for an event? I might be your guy.  Click through here for a quick sheet on topics, then drop a note to see how I can provide some inspiration for your event!


Want to ask a few questions, see if I can get a rock out of your shoe, engage our team for a strategic plan for your family or business?  Drop a note; let me know what's on your mind!



Life is an adventure, rarely boring, more of a journey than a destination.  Our paths and responses to events determine our outcomes; and those we travel with can make all of the difference.  


This site is intended to be a resource for decent content, a place to share things I've learned and wish I'd known, and to provide a way for you to connect with me for fun or more formal engagement.  




Thoughts, Questions, Bookings

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