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Rarely bored (or sitting still), these are a few of the projects and companies where I'm currently involved.  My role and influence varies, but all are doing great things with awesome people. 

Akili Capital

Creatively using wealth as a positive force of good to unite families and future generations.

Akili Capital is a strategic advisory firm that helps individuals, families, real estate and business owners align their financial ecosystem to their long-term vision of family succession and multi-generational continuity.

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Gateway for Good, PBC


Gateway for Good is a collaborative team committed to reuniting a divided world by providing individuals, families, not-for-profits and for-profit companies with transformative giving experiences.  Through our diverse programs and philanthropic processes, lives are being transformed from the inside out and communities are being changed from the bottom up.



Have you ever done the math on the improvement you would see in your business with enhanced culture, engaged employees, and involvement in your community? Take your employee and leadership teams through a giving experience that will transform their lives and accelerate your company growth.  

Mastery Initiative
This is an educational platform created to provide you with education, experiences, and professional resources to enhance your knowledge and wisdom around financial, business, and general life growth.  

Main Street Philanthropy


Main Street Philanthropy is a 501(c)3 public charity that educates and inspires generations of students through a transformational giving experience.  Throughout the experience, students will identify their core passions for change, work in teams to craft purpose, vision, and mission statements, identify organizations, analyze them as investments, fundraise on their behalf, then deliver checks.  


Equity Wealth Academy

Home equity represents over 70% of most people's net worth, and very few have any idea how to intelligently access it for a better retirement.  The Equity Wealth Academy is a platform designed to advance the lending industry by serving professionals in lending and financial services to better understand, message, and serve those seeking better retirement outcomes.  

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