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Sammy Rabbit teaches money to kids!

Can't figure out how to teach financial concepts to your kids? What if you could teach it in their language? Kids are raised hearing stories and songs - think about the ones you recall from your childhood. They can be a wonderful tool to make a lasting impression!

Sammy Rabbit is a character created to do just that!

Spoke this morning to the Founder and creator of Sammy Rabbit. He's doing very cool stuff in teaching financial concepts to kids and their parents. One of the most awesome (which I've always wanted to do) is the creation of catchy songs that teach financial principles.

Here's Sammy's theme song on creating good savings habits. Catchy tune, share it with your kiddos!

Well done Sammy!

Want to hear more of his tunes? Click for Sammy Songs.

Want to learn more? Connect directly with Sammy on LinkedIn!



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