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Main Street Philanthropy is the Greatest Program in the World!

It's official, MSP is going to fix much of what's wrong - look out world!!

I made a bold claim, now we get to back it up!! I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Craig Sewing's American Dream TV program. With all that seems negative and bothersome about the world and the unknown future of our country, my confidence in the solutions we've created has grown tremendously!

Craig's entire program is dedicated to all of the good that is going on in the world - which we don't hear nearly enough about! Open your phone, go to the home page of any major newsite (here, I'll help:, read the top headlines. Count the positive to negative headlines. What do you find??? I think it's awesome that Craig is dedicated to taking on this style of reporting to bring some optimism to our world! You can check his stuff out at

In this short interview, I'm sharing what I believe to be the antidote, the solution, the response, the hope for our future. It comes in the form of an organization I've been involved with called Main Street Philanthropy. This organization goes into public high schools and teaches business, life, and financial skills all through a process of students becoming philanthropists! They are given a few dollars, then challenged to discover what they are most passionate about in the world, they'll find and evaluate local charities that are impacting their areas of concern, then invest in them with their philanthropic dollars. There's much more too it, so check out the video, and check out Main Street Philanthropy!

If the world is broken, I believe that an injection of gratitude and generosity could be the first step in saving it!

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